Luján Announces His Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Assignments for the 116th Congress

January 17, 2019
Press Release
Luján will serve on House Energy & Commerce Health, Consumer Protection and Commerce, and Communications and Technology Subcommittees

Washington D.C. -  Today, Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) announced his House Energy & Commerce subcommittee assignments for the 116th Congress. The Congressman will continue to serve on the Health, and Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittees, and rejoin the Communications and Technology Subcommittee.  The Congressman was first appointed to the Energy & Commerce Committee in 2012.  


“Whether it’s addressing health disparities, unlocking clean energy innovation, strengthening consumers’ privacy protections, or bolstering broadband infrastructure, the House Energy & Commerce Committee will take the lead on some of the most consequential policy initiatives this Congress,” said Luján. “I’m thrilled to continue to be a part of a Committee that has such a direct impact on making a positive difference in New Mexicans’ lives. I look forward to working with Chairman Pallone and the Subcommittee Chairs to deliver an ambitious agenda for the American people.”  


The Health Subcommittee oversees public health, behavioral health care, medical research and development, health information technology, Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance, the regulation of food, drugs, and cosmetics, the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and Indian Health Service.  


The Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee oversees interstate and foreign commerce, the Federal Trade Commission, consumer protection, data security, consumer product safety, motor vehicle safety, and regulation of travel.


The Communications and Technology Subcommittee oversees policy related to electronic communications, technology generally, emergency and public safety communications, cybersecurity and privacy, the Federal Communications Commission, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and the Emergency Communications Division in the Department of Homeland Security.